Second year begins with the delusion of being the honeymoon period. NO! It ain’t true .

There is no honeymoon about this period. There are four huge subjects, okay three huge and one CID subject and giving this year one and a half year is fully justified and clearly has a reason.

Now yes! I know we should study for our skills and not exams but honestly you can only hone your skills if you pass these exams in the first place. So yes, studying strategically matters.

While all the subjects in second year a very important, here I am only talking about why you should eat up that Robbin’s and not just lick it.

So as you may know pathology literally forms the base of every subject you will study, ever. Take any example. For understanding medicine, you need to know why something happened in the first place in order to know how it will manifest and subsequently how you would manage it.

For knowing community medicine, you need to know how cholesterol accelerates atherogenesis in order to understand how non communicable diseases are interrelated and are risk factors 000for each other and why they are on the rise in communicable disease dominant country like India.

You have to know how peptic ulcer disease could lead to perforation in order to know what you can do to manage peritonitis.

I mean you get the point.

Apart from being at the core of all subjects, there is another, if I may say so myself, petty cause for learning pathology which is entrance exams!

Be it PLAB, USMLE, NEET-PG or whatever, pathology can help you sail through a lot of these exams because literally the number of questions from pathology is HUGE!

Also, I really think being good at pathology gives you an edge in medicine because medicine is literally pathology + pharmacology + supportive management.

All in all, no matter what you do.

Give pathology the time it deserves. Utilize that one and a half year and you will literally make your life easier for the next two years and probably a lifetime.

And honestly, third professional can actually be you honeymoon phase but second year? Not so much!


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