It is 7:30 in the morning and I enter that gate, the one I would be going past daily for the next five and a half years.

Sure it is unfamiliar but clearly it is more than just that. The nervousness, excitement, uncertainty and anticipation are all building up as I take every step.

I am looking for what is called the Physiology LT and there you have it! A sign saying, “ Welcome MBBS batch 2015”, written on an A4 sized paper with a simple black font, no colour, no extravaganza; obviously SCHOOL IS OVER.

After 10 minutes of searching, I finally found the lecture theatre I was supposed to go to.I wave good bye to my dad and enter a hall full of 200 strangers, all girls. While I already knew this at the time of admissions, seeing them together felt weird. The day started with ten doctors from Physiology asking the names and schools of all 200 students, a futile attempt at being friendly. Not much to my surprise, this is what followed in all the next three lectures that day.

The teachers clearly knew no better about human interactions and honestly even they knew we were interested in knowing about the campus, the food, co-curricular, fresher’s party, the fun part basically .

I met like two people that day which was a lot for my socially awkward self. The fact that I had to be surrounded by all these people for the next 5 years itself made me sick in the stomach, because that meant talking to everyone and well, making friends and socializing.

As if all this wasn’t enough surprise, a few teachers did not shy away from telling us about the syllabus that day. MY JAW DROPPED.

How on earth was it humanly possible to complete that much syllabus in nine months? Was this a joke? And this was just first year. The fact that some of my batch mates already had their first chapters highlighted even though I didn’t even know the names of the subjects, yes that helped a lot.

Anyway, the day ended and it was nothing like I imagined. There were no people telling us that they appreciated the hard work that got us here, no activities to make us feel more at home and no familiar faces to soothe my anxiety.

But, I knew that I was at least not alone. There were 200 more humans feeling the same emotions and however huge the syllabus may be, my super competitive, type A personality was ready to take this up and make these five and a half years count.


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