That year where your bubble of delusions break. All self esteem falls down when during every month you fail to answer questions that your Anatomy mentors asking you during assessments. You feel like lying down with one of those cadavers in the dissection hall. Biochemistry seems like a vicious cycle of cycles and physiology is good to read but doesn’t seem to end.

Well, I have been through this, I feel you.

Now, this is not a survival guide, I can’t even guarantee that they will work for you. But here, I share some of the extra things I did to pass through first year of MBBS.

There you go!


Both for your mental health and well, otherwise. For the former, well go out more and for the studying part of it, get external help. There are many online courses and tools to help you understand the syllabus way better than you would yourself. Here are some of my favorites:

· Dr. Najeeb’s lectures(take my word for it, you need to check him out)

· Osmosis

· Lecturio


When you enter a medical college, there is this sudden shift of trends from studying alone to studying in groups. Which sure can be helpful in most cases but sometimes, it can be counter intuitive.

Here’s why:

· Everyone has a different pace of reading, understanding and revising.

· Everyone has a different basal knowledge (the information you already know before you start a topic.)

· Distractions are more likely.

· Revision seldom occurs.

· Only one person can be actively verbalizing at one time, all others are simply listening.


More than how well you read a topic, it is the number of revisions which matter.

4. Anatomy requires you to draw and draw and draw. Even if you don’t write a word in the exam and you have drawn diagrams, you are good to go.

5. Physiology needs to be understood, try not to mug it up. I really recommend Dr. Najeeb’s lecture videos for it( #notanad)

6. Biochemistry can be made concise to a lot of extent, do make your own notes for it.

7. Take the assessments seriously. You don’t want to open an untouched book right before the finals.

8. I know it is overwhelming, but first year truly is important for all the years afterwards so invest your time in learning these three subjects.

9. Last but NOT THE LEAST. Make sure you are pursuing a hobby side by side. There are college societies for the same and if not, join a gym, join nearby classes, start a society with a group of like minded people and literally ensure you are involved in some activity other than studies at least three days a week, one hour being the least duration .

The path from first year is only uphill and nothing like a plateau or a downward slope. Be true to yourself and do yourself a favour by giving it time.


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