Pomodoro Technique! And why it doesn’t work for me.

So yes! This is something MAJORLY POPULAR ON THE INTERNET!

Pomodoro technique is a study technique and it is supposed to be this magic trick to make our short lived attention span work for us to make big tasks possible.

Here is how it works :

You study for 25 minutes on the clock and take 5 minutes break, again on the clock afterwards.

This is one cycle.

You repeat this for 3 or 4 cycles and take a longer break. 15 or 20 mins .

And get back to work .

Looks amazing , right?

Now, I just finished my finals and I tried sticking with this 25 on, 5 off schedule and even used an app for it.

While I can say it seemed to work initially it didn’t quite do the job after some time.

Does this mean that I wasn’t sincere enough to follow it? Maybe!

But did I try my best to stick to it? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Now. If this method worked for you, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, you are not alone !

In retrospect, if I think hard about it, these are the reasons why it did not work for me

1. The syllabus

Now, as you probably already know I am a student of medicine, which means there is A LOT OF STUDIES INVOLVED which also means every topic is a challenge in itself and the amount of information to be gulped in IS ENORMOUS. *AHEM THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID*

So yeah , practically studying in slots of 25 minutes isn’t practical because most probably it will take you more than 25 minutes to complete every topic.

For example, lets say you want to read the alphabet and you are like A…..L and bam! 25 minutes are over. It doesn’t make sense to leave it there and start from M after like 5 minutes of watching Lilly Singh videos.

2. The engine stops just after warmup.

Okay lets be honest here. It takes me 5-10 minutes or maybe more on a bad day to even start to concentrate , even to decipher the meaning of the first paragraph and you are telling me you want me to stop in like 15 minutes and try to do that again after another 5 minutes ?


3. The Reverse Effect

Now, do not come at me but when I am served the idea that its only 25 minutes! Then 5 minutes of BREAK!

I am sorry but you have given me the exact time and conditions when I can allow myself to get distracted. So yeah, in those 25 minutes of studying I am probably just thinking of the break I DESERVE in like 20 minutes, 10 ,5 ,2 ,1 MUSIC!

So yeah ! Call it stupid but I genuinely think these are the reasons why I could not use this technique to study .

I just don’t think it helps me get into the zone of studying as such .

However it’s a good kick start if there is any initial resistance to studying but otherwise. NAAH!


BUT , have you tried it ? Do you or do you not find the Pomodoro technique helpful? Are there any other good techniques or mantras out there ? SHARE THAT WISDOM MY BOIS !


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