One Habit That Changed My Life

Now, this idea came from a real life example I saw in my surgery and obstetrics rotations during my MBBS.

However simple, the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist was designed to decrease errors and adverse events, and increase teamwork and communication in surgery.

The 19-item checklist is now extensively used throughout the world and has helped decrease casualties during surgical procedures by LARGE NUMBERS.

And basically, it is JUST A CHECK LIST!

So yes, we have established that if complex surgeries can benefit from simple checklists , so can we THE GEN Z PEOPLE.( WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?)

So basically I started making checklists!


Here are a few examples.

I have to make a YT video,

I make a checklist.

It includes things like , selecting a topic, writing a rough outline, deciding a thumbnail, having all the equipment in place, etc.

I am working at the hospital, I make a checklist everyday so that i know what my superiors have asked me to do that very day so that i don’t miss out on anything!

I mean you get the point!

Here's how these checklists helped me.

A. I waste less time as I am not constantly forgetting things and redoing them or going back to the same places.

B. It kind of works like a constant source of motivation for me when I see all these tasks that I have done already!

C. It helps me actually focus on my work and not think about what other things I have to do as writing it done just helps my mind relax.

Now, I prefer making written checklists but there are a plenty of apps that help you make checklists n your phones .

One app I have tried is Todoist.

You could check more out and let me know!


Now I am still trying to inculcate making checklists in more and more areas of my life.

There are some rules I follow while making checklists, I have shared them in my Youtube video here :

ALSO, check out some free checklists I made for you on the Shop page of this website..

Let me know if this was helpful!

Thank you so much for reading.



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