My First Day Of Internship

Hungover from all the New Year Eve celebrations, with a severe headache n three hours of sleep I finally arrived at the gate of Shrimati Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, as a doctor for the first time.

To my luck, 1st January, 2020 happened to be a post emergency day for Unit 2 of Medicine department, LHMC. This, if you are a doctor, would know meant a LOT OF WORK.

A lot of blood samples to be taken, a lot of investigations to be sent, many feeding tubes to be entered through nostrils and damn, some Foley’s too.

The thought of doing all this made me sick. As if taking blood samples wasn’t terrifying enough, I also was now expected to do these other procedures with, not to forget, my hungover self.

So yes, I finally reach the Medicine emergency only to be welcomed by a PG saying,

"Congratulations on becoming an intern.” and an overworked intern who was more than glad we had come to relieve her.

Just after this awkward interaction, I along with my co-interns was handed a long list of patients and a longer list of their investigations.

Our senior ex-intern quickly showed us how to take a sample and said, “Easy hai!” although I was petrified.

Easy toh nahi hai!

Well in the end, the sarcastic PG came to my rescue to do all the sampling given to me.


But, this was just the beginning of the day.

Later that day, my residents took an “orientation” telling us about all the important clinical (Read: clerical) work we were supposed to do daily.

Taking samples, filling investigation forms, charting reports in files, filling Xray forms, filling USG forms, hormone profile forms, CBNAAT forms, cytology forms, CT Scan forms, MRI forms and I mean, FORMS!

I started to think if I was the only one overwhelmed by all this but when I looked around, all my co interns were equally clueless, excited and nervous.

I was also blessed to assist a Bone Marrow Aspiration that day but when the PG said, “Agli baar tu karegi!”


As the day passed by, nothing really significant happened.

I was as anxious at the end of the day as I was at the beginning of it.

I had no clue that the coming year will turn out into one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Now that not just the first day but also the first posting is over, all I can say to my 5 months younger self is

“Pavitraa, soon you will be taking blood samples from places you didn’t even know existed. You will get better at it.

Hold on tight!”


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