Obviously YouTube doesn’t fetch you marks!


What else did you expect?

Ahem! So, did the TED people not talk to your college for passing you?

(See? I know I have some well wishers in the world. )

Hell no! I did not fail. (Thank God)

I managed to act like I know my shit and make a decent impression in front of my examiners, write stories about topics I hardly knew and well, as far as the Indian Medical Education is considered, that was enough to become a doctor.

(P. S. I am not complaining.)

But unfortunately or not, that wasn’t the case with few of my batch mates.

Every year, in every professional examination there are some students who, well do not make it to the passed category.

As you can guess by just how uncomfortable that thought makes you already, it is really a big deal in the medical world. Unless, it isn’t!

Okay I will explain.

Every year, these “proffs” are held, and all medical students sit in these exams to get through the year. In most universities, the exams are in two parts, one theory and one practical.

The theory exams are well, tools to assess your memorizing power, the ability to make up 10 sentences from 1 basic idea, highlighting the important points, writing in a legible and beautiful handwriting and well, finishing on time.

So if you forget a few terms, are able to make up only 5 sentences from 1 basic idea, forget to highlight or capitalize some words or are blessed with a horrible handwriting( like me) , chances are you will fall short.

The practicals, well they test your patience THE MOST, well apart from other things like clinical skills, communication, etc.

So if you fuck up a viva not because you weren’t sincere but because you had 7 vivas in a day, each lasting eternity and you were made to wait for hours before each viva without food or water, you still might fall short.

This is not to say that people do not fail due to genuine reasons, but this is to say that some do fail due to some unnecessary, avoidable reasons.

But let us say, you do fail a semester.

What might happen?

You give a repeat exam after 2 or 3 months, start the next semester later than your peers, have to be on your toes now to catch up with the syllabus, go to clinics after college hours, run behind some faculty for that extra help and then once on track, just try to stay on it.

That is it, right?

Well is this all worth all the anxiety words like ‘supplementary’, ‘fail’, etc cause us ?

Is it justified that we are somehow studying in an environment where the only motivation should be, “Kahin supple na aa jaye?”

Is failing an exam that big a deal that students fall into depression and the constant circle of unhappiness, live by fear everyday and feel miserable about doing a course which inherently is one of the most intriguing disciplines?

Well, it shouldn’t be.

It shouldn’t be the driving force which makes medical students study. The art and science of medicine should be. The challenges and perks of human healing should be.

Is it now time to stop considering pass or fail a measure to judge the capabilities of a clinician? Because some of my batch mates who failed this year can measure the JVP accurately while I keep confusing it with the carotid.

P.S. I too am guilty of being driven by only one motive, passing this semester and smashing the next one.

And, this is one thing I do regret.


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