I am so grateful for this day. I never thought I would ever dance after school. But look where I’m at! The auditions for the dance society, VIOLA!

I have never been so desperate before, I really, REALLY want to get selected.

This was my only chance to keep that dancing spirit alive before it gets crushed under the weight of all these books of mine.

I can feel my heart pounding, I did practice some steps yesterday but right now, I feel like I don’t know the first thing about dancing. Also is it pronounced da-ance or d-ey-nce?

I saw a few other performances, the senior judging the auditions are clearly not too friendly. If they like your dance, they will cheer and if not, well you can see it on their faces.

The girl before me just danced like a pro! She even got a “Once more!” from the audience.

Yes, there is an audience in this audition, a number of unknown girls who are mostly seniors.

Not to forget, this is not an auditorium or a hall, it’s just a passage. It’s called the acad section in our college. Basically the only place in our college where there is space sufficient to dance in groups. There are doctors, students, patients and well, strangers walking past us every five minutes and they are totally judging the legitimacy of our hospital with “dancing doctors”. So yes, there’s that.

But finally after one hour, my turn comes.

I am standing in the centre with about a hundred people staring at me, okay thirty! Exaggeration is necessary sometimes. All eyes on me.

I take off my spectacles so I cannot look at their expressions. And the music starts playing. I suddenly stop thinking about how badly I want to impress these seniors, how important these auditions are to me and I just groove with the music. The song was Glad You Came by The Wanted, one of the only few English songs I knew by then. I dance for some time and I do steps completely different from what I had rehearsed.

The music stops and I hear it! The sound of everyone cheering in the room, clapping for me and one of them even asking for a “Once More!”

WOAH! I did it!

They then ask me my name and the customary introduction.

I sit back looking at the next few performances and in about one hour, it is decision time!

The names of the selected people are now going to be announced.

Like always, I cross my fingers and close my eyes and pray to god that this is that one thing I really want from him and nothing else will I ever bother him ever for!( LIES!, I will break this deal at the sight of the slightest of fear)

The first name in that list, sounds familiar. They repeat it twice and it is on the third call that I realize they said, Pavitraa, you are selected!

WHAT! Does this mean I can still dance my soul out and perform on stage and in competitions for the next one year even in this medical college? Hell yes!

With a big smile and amidst all the chatter, I meet the dance coordinator. I say hello and ask about the practices. I leave acad section with the same big smile, ready to board the metro which I still am not familiar with, because everything is new.


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